Supplier Group's Functional Specification & Management Plan. Based on this document.

Informal Specification

Computer Science 451 Customer Group 9

Due 1:00pm January 16,1996


Alvin Schur
Andrew Tang
Chris Mohr
David Petiot
Ed Stemler
Guy-Pierre Gravel
Hiu Lee
Jason Mitchell
Jeff Rouse
Laura Meynberg
Rommel Villa
Tim Adams
Wendy Michaud

Company Introduction & Project Background

General University (Gen U) is a mid-sized university providing quality education primarily in the humanities, fine arts, and computer science fields. Gen U is currently computerizing its administrative process. The current project includes computerizing the student course registration process.

The computerized student course registration system is intended for use by all students. The students will use the system to register for courses, update their current course selections, and print their timetables.

The students may or may not have prior experience using computers. Ideally, any student can identify him/herself to the system, view his/her timetable, and print out the timetable in about two minutes. Other requirements include students using the system to add five known courses and correcting two conflicts in ten minutes (these figures serve as rough estimates for real-time performances).

A newly-admitted student will receive an information package containing, among other things, a student identification number, a password, and a set of instructions for using the system.

Example Scenarios of Product Usage

Gen U has identified several example scenarios that the registration system should be able to accommodate.

Scenario 1: A student newly-admitted to the fine arts faculty walks up to the registration system and identifies herself. She then selects CPSC101, ENGL101, ENGL102, and PHIL103. The computer automatically schedules the courses as she selects them. The CPSC101 lecture 01 is scheduled for 8:00a. She decides to change to lecture 02. She prints the timetable and leaves.

Scenario 2: A second year student in geology walks up to the terminal and identifies himself. The student sees his current timetable and adds GOPH361 lecture 02, lab 05, and tutorial 01. A conflict occurs. Lecture 02 is scheduled at the same time as another course. The computer suggests GOPH361 lecture 01, lab 05, and tutorial 01. He accepts and prints out the new timetable.

Scenario 3: A third year student dials in to the registration system and views his current timetable. He selects GOPH521 to add to his schedule. He does not have the necessary prerequisite, GOPH421. The computer responds by saying that the student must take GOPH421 first, which fits in the timetable. He accepts and prints the new timetable.

Gen U has come up with a list of functions, restrictions, and features the registration system should have. Functions list common tasks the students and faculty should be able to perform. Restrictions provide a check on what courses a student can take. Features list other requirements for the system. They are listed below.


- student registration
1) the student is not registered in any courses
2) the student is registered and wants to change the registration

- add courses

- delete courses

- change lecture, lab, or tutorial for a course

- print the timetable

- provide alternatives for the student when conflicts occur ie: list lecture, lab, tutorial times that have room and fit in the students schedule.

- late registration

- warning when a student's full-time/part-time status changes

- print a class list for the instructor


- class size
each lecture, lab, and tutorial have a maximum number of students that can register in it

- prerequisite check
students must take certain courses before others, and achieve a satisfiable grade in those courses

- deadlines
register for courses to change course registration drop a course withdraw from a course

Note that the deadlines change from year to year and must be easily modifiable

- limit number of timetables a student can print

- maximum number of courses a student can take

- time conflict a student can not have a lecture, lab, or tutorial overlap in time with another lecture, lab, or tutorial


- students can register at the same time ie: multi-user system

- security students CANNOT change or view another student's registration or modify any of the restrictions above (such as class size, etc)

- on-line help

- usable by first time students and experienced students

- expandable
list some possible enhancements
briefly describe how the system will interact with future projects

Finally, Gen U requires the registration system to be easily enhanced. Gen U is going to computerize the university calendar which includes the rules, regulations, course descriptions, major and minor descriptions, and special programs available. Gen U wants a system to help the students plan their university education and select courses for their degree. The registration system will be an integral part of this vision.

We look forward to hearing from you.