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Overall Design Documentation

We are pleased with the progress that you have made toward satisfying our requirements. The functionality has been well adapted to a graphical user interface since the previous specifications. Within this document, we will present some ideas that we hope will improve the interface and functionality of the system even more. This will be divided up into two sections: The graphical interface and functional.


Our main concern involves the administrative tasks of initializing the system with departments, courses, labs, sections, etc. and deleting the same. These functions appears to be missing. Please refer to our comments within the section `Possible Enhancements of the Minimal System' of the Revision of Functional Specification and Management Plan. It is necessary to add courses to even begin the operation of the system. Please be clear on how this will be accomplished.

In the module, modify a course, you had mentioned updating the status of a student from part time to full time or vice versa. If a course is only being changed and not removed or added, the status will not be changed. Is it necessary to perform this check on the number of courses since the number of courses will not be altered?

In the task of choosing a lab and/or tutorial, these two will occasionally be paired. For these instances, the user must be informed of the pairing or prevented from selecting components from two different pairs.


The welcome screen

You suggested that the welcome screen be displayed when the terminal is idle. We suggest student registration screen stays on for 3 minutes of non use and administration stay on until exited.

Student Registration

Concerning the okay button, we would prefer `Ok'.

The format of the date was not specified. We would prefer it to be presented in the long form, ie January 29, 1996.

The Cancel button is inconsistent with the text and the use of cancel in other systems. You described the function as Quit in the document. We also believe that this would be more descriptive and more easily understood by the novice user.

The context sensitive help is a very nice feature.

We have a concern that all of the information that is to go into the windows will not fit. In particular, the labs, lectures and tutorials will not be able to display the complete information. Perhaps by having the different listboxes displayed one on top of the other will remedy the situation.

Within the student information section, having the student id number before the name feels more logical. This would place the name field above the address, permitting the name field to be longer.

What is the meaning of the white square in the top right corner??

Within the course listing section the drop down list boxes, department and course, present a few difficulties. It is not clear to the user that the department must be chosen before the course. After selection, we would like the selected department or course to remain visible to provide feedback. If possible, allow the user to select a course without a department in the case the user does not know the department.


See the reference to Cancel button for Student Registration.

Will there be a shutdown procedure to allow the Administrator to return to the main operating system for other administration functions?

As mentioned in the introduction, we are basically pleased with your proposal and realize that you are continually working on improvements. With this in mind, we will be willing to provide subjects for your usability studies.

The suggestion of including our university logo and motto is excellent. Our motto is WE TEACH GOOD. The logo follows.

Thank you for your submission.