Flin Flon Airlines

Flight Reservation System: Overview

Flin Flon Airlines is a small but growing airline providing domestic flights across Canada. In order to improve our service to our passengers, and to ensure that the flight scheduling process runs smoothly, we wish to obtain a computer application that will serve as our flight reservation system. The application will be a multiuser system which allows for any given flight to be overbooked by fifteen percent. This overbooking policy is based on the assumption that at least fifteen percent of the total number of passengers booked on a flight will cancel or not show up. Thus, ideally every flight will carry the maximum number of passengers. In the event that more passengers show up than there are seats available, passengers who do not get boarding passes are compensated with a ten percent monetary refund and rebooked on the next available flight.

Basic features of the application will include the ability for a booking agent to perform the following:

book a passenger on a given flight, noting any preferences for a window or aisle seat as well as a class designation; (A flight reservation should also make note of any special requirements or needs that a passenger may have, e.g. wheelchair or other disability, special diet required)

cancel a passenger's flight reservation;

provide passenger information such as phone number, address, etc.;

issue a boarding pass to a passenger upon checking in at the airport.

In addition, the system administrators must be able to perform these functions:

add a new flight to the flight schedule;

reschedual a flight, rebooking passengers on the reschedualed flight

alter specific flight information such as a flight's time of departure, seating capacity etc.;

provide a list of available flights satisfying certain criteria; (e.g. List any flights from Flin Flon to Vancouver between March 3 and March 5)

provide summary information of a specific flight such as seating capacity, remaining seats, etc.

The final application will ideally be one which is easy to learn, maintain, and use as well as one that provides our staff with a transparent tool which aids in their task to provide quality service to our passengers.