Authorize User: This would authorize a user by asking for a login name and a password. All users of the system MUST be authorized before being allowed to perform any of the following options.

ADD / DELETE / MODIFY Aircraft Type: This option would enables a supervisor to add, delete, or modify aircraft information:

Affected Information:
plane name, manufacturer, model
seating capacity
seating layout

ADD / DELETE / MODIFY Booking Agent: This routine enables a supervisor to change information regarding booking agents.

Affected Information:
name, address, other personal information
user name for purposes of logging into the system
user password

ADD / RESCHEDULE / MODIFY Flights: This routine enables a supervisor to change information specific to a flight and to add or reschedule flights.

Affected Information:
departure and destination locations, dates and times
aircraft type
flight number
1st class seat price
2nd class seat price
3rd class seat price