Official Request for Proposal

By PowerMax Realty

Official Proposal from Supplier

PowerMax Realty is a progressive real estate company looking to take advantage of the new opportunites that computers afford. To better enable our customers to find their ideal house, we are looking for a computer application that will better equip our company to serve the needs of our customers.

It should be able to keep track of a large number of properties and all pertinent information, given in detail below. Furthermore, the program should allow users to query the database using key information, such as price range and location. There is also a requirement that certain fields, such as offers, can only be accessed by authorized people; more detail is also given below. This informal proposal consists of the following:

Data Requirements

Access Levels

Look and Feel

Sample Tasks

How to contact us

Data Requirements

The following is a detailed list of what we want in our database.

Any clarification of these data requirements can be obtained by emailing us at the address at the end of this document.

Access Levels

The real estate catalogue will be used by four different groups:

Each of the above groups access the system differently and have certain restrictions on the data. The following will describe each group's access capacities.

The Realtors

This group, along with the administrator, are the only ones with permissions to enter a new house/property into the catalogue. They are also the only ones who are permitted to change the status of a house/property. The following data can be entered /modified/accessed by the realtor when listing a new house/property:

(see Data Requirements for further description of each of the above pieces of data)

The realtor listing the new house/property, of course, has access to all of this data. However, other realtors and users/house buyers do not (see below).

Other Realtors
These are the realtors who did not create the listing. They have access to all of the data that the listing realtor has for that particular house/property with the exception of the offers made. This is in fairness to the listing realtor. These other realtors can use the information for their own purpose or to help their clients in choosing a house. This means that the system must be able perform queries on the price range, location, style, size, or combinations of these.
The User/House buyer
Anyone who is interested in buying or selling a house may browse through the system. They can look through the catalogue and decide which houses they are interested in and contact the listed realtors. Again, this means that the system must be able to perform the queries mentioned above. However, the user/house buyer has some restrictions on the data access. He/She has access to all of the entered properties with the exception of:
The Administrator
The administrator manages the whole catalogue system and so has the ability to add a new house/property into the system and can also change the status of any house/property. Therefore, he has access to all information of every house/property. He/She can also create new realtor accounts, and/or reassign realtors to a given house/property. As well, he/she also has the added responsibilities of archiving old houses/ properties, backing up data, and restoring the data when neccessary.

Look and Feel

In addition to all of the other criteria mentioned, the overall look and feel of the real estate system must satisfy the basics of a user-friendly graphical user interface. The system must have a main screen detailing the various functions provided (such as choice by area, price, or agent; general listings). A choice of listing by area should bring up another screen with a map of the community chosen in the first screen. This map should be graphical and the user should be able to choose various locations on the map with the mouse (ie. ne, nw, etc).

Of course, there should also be some set of controls with which to page through the listings presented by the system, for instance, a forward and a backward button, and the ability to select and store any houses which are of interest.

When a house is selected for closer examination, the screen brought up should be simple and staightforward, yet present all of the information needed by the customer to make a decision (see data requirements). In addition, this page should present the picture of the house at least 3"x3" and in colour with reasonable resolution.

Every page should have the ability to exit, go to a previous page, go back to the start, or view a list of houses which the user has selected.

Sample Tasks

Listed below are three examples of what our catalogue must be able to do. They are typical scenarios that we expect to encounter once the system is set up.

Task 1

A potential customer that is new to the area wishes to find a house for his family. He does not have a realtor, yet wishes to browse the most up-to-date listings in North-West Calgary without having to get one. We would like the customer to be able to look through the listings available based on his own particular needs. This would be criteria such as location, price, etc. (as stated above). The customer then would be presented with a selection of properties he could view.

After selecting a particular property the information about that item is shown. The user can contact the real estate agent about the listing or he can continue on to see another listing.

Task 2

A real estate agent wants to put a new condo on the market. He has all the particulars about the listing as well as a photo. The agent must be able to enter the information quickly and easily into the catalogue. The agent will also have to be able to make changes once the listing is in the catalogue. The agent also wants to keep an update of the current bids on the houses that is only available to himself.

Task 3

The administator of the real estate office wants access of the whole catalogue. He also needs to maintain a current list of who is in the office. If there are new agents then they can be added. This ensures that anyone who lists a house is an agent.

Contact Us!

If you are interested in taking on this project, submit a proposal to us by January 25, 1996. We will only accept a proposal via email.