Rob Kremer


CPSC 451: Practical Software Engineering

Mail List Server: cpsc451

Students MUST subscribe to the list server. Important information will be broadcaste thought the list server. Students are also encouraged to use the server to comment on the course and ask questions of the instructor through this channel. Please try to ensure that questions or comments might be of interest to other students (most questions are!). The instructor will monitor the list server and answer questions on the server.

Subscribing to the list

To subscribe to the cpsc451 list, send a message to cpsc451-request with the following line in the body (not the subject line):
         subscribe <login-id>
where <login-id> is your personal login ID. After this you should recieve an email confirmation, and then you will start recieving messages through the list server.

Posting messages

To post messages to the list server, just send email to cpsc451.

Other requests of the server

You can also get more information about how to send requests to the server by sending as message to cpsc451-request with "help" in the body. If you do, you will get this information:
This is Brent Chapman's "Majordomo" mailing list manager, version 1.93.

In the description below items contained in []'s are optional. When
providing the item, do not include the []'s around it.

It understands the following commands:

    subscribe [<list>] [<address>]
        Subscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) to the named <list>.

    unsubscribe [<list>] [<address>]
        Unsubscribe yourself (or <address> if specified) from the named <list>.

    get [<list>] <filename>
        Get a file related to <list>.

    index [<list>]
        Return an index of files you can "get" for <list>.

    which [<address>]
        Find out which lists you (or <address> if specified) are on.

    who [<list>]
        Find out who is on the named <list>.

    info [<list>]
        Retrieve the general introductory information for the named <list>.

        Show the lists served by this Majordomo server.

        Retrieve this message.

        Stop processing commands (useful if your mailer adds a signature).

Commands should be sent in the body of an email message to
"Majordomo"or to "<list>".

The <list> parameter is only optional if the message is sent to an address
of the form "<list>".

Commands in the "Subject:" line NOT processed.

UofC Practical Software Engineering, Department of Computer Science

Rob Kremer