Petro 451 Automated Gas Station (AGS) System User Manual

Once again our comments appear in this format. We will be commenting mostly on the manual itself and how well it describes the AGS system. Also, we will ignore spelling and grammar errors for the most part.

I. Introduction to AGS

A good, well-written summary of the system functions.

II. Navigating Through the AGS System

Very good descriptions, but it would be nice to see some screen shots showing what they describe.

III. Starting the Program

IV. Logging Into AGS

What does the login screen look like?

V. Logging Out from AGS

VI. User Access Levels

VII. Administration Functions

  1. We are familiar with the Windows environment, and the use of check boxes rather than radio buttons for the Administration, Fuel Delivery and General attributes implies that a user can be more than one of these things. Is this the case, or are these three things mutually exclusive?
  2. If they are not exclusive, which screen is shown when a user with more than one of the attributes logs on?
  3. We are confused about the operation of the Cancel and Exit buttons. Do they do the same thing?
  4. We like the overall appearance of the screen, and having the date and time in the lower corner is a nice touch.

Is the new password confirmed? Normally secure systems make the user enter the new password twice to prevent errors.

VIII. Station Control Functions

These navigation buttons in your online manual are great. They make it easy to move from section to section. Having the buttons light up under the mouse is a nice touch.

  1. This screen shot has no number. We're assuming it is Figure 3.
  2. What is the big blank area for?

Great screen shots. We really like the way your screens are formatted.

IX. Fuel Delivery

General comments:

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