We are extremely pleased with the GUIDOs User Manual presented to us. It is well written and organized in a fashion easy for users. We have tried to avoid making trivial comments, and with this professionally written manual, our comments are limited.

The only overall comment we have is, some of the sections are written step-by-step , while other sections are in paragraph form. The manual should use one consistent format. After reading both types of formats, a combination of the two would be preferred. The step-by-step format is much easier for beginners, while the paragraph format provides more information.

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The GUIDOs system (Grocers Utility Information Database Operations system) developed for Calgary Foods is complete inventory tracking system. This system will manage the ordering of inventory between an unspecified number of supermarkets and a single warehouse. GUIDOs tracks the current inventory level in all stores and warehouse, automatically ordering stock for each store as it drops below a specified level.

GUIDOs is designed around a simple to use GUI. It is a user-friendly software package which requires a minimum of data entry from users.

Also, security is one of the major concern of Calgary Foods. With GUIDOs fully configurable security only authorized personnel can access the system (i.e. an authorized person needs a correct ID and password in order to access the system). Authorized personnel will only be able to access the part of the system related to their security level.

Indeed, GUIDOs is not only efficient, reliable, secure, and easy to use, but also cost-effective.

The GUIDOs system tracks all data related to stores, inventory, personnel, orders, security, and products. The easy to use GUI allows addition, deletion, and modification of any or all of this data.

                    Manual Organization                    

This manual is broken down by GUIDOs major components:

where each component is fully explained on its use. This is followed by a listing of error conditions, a glossary that defines terms the user may not be familiar with, and an appendix. Any of these items can be easily viewed by selecting it in the frame to the left of this page.

Before a user can use the GUIDOs system he/she must obtain a password and login name from the database administrator or manager. The password and login name will allow access to the system (see logging in), but depending on the users security level certain buttons will be greyed out. This means that the users security level does not allow the user to perform the function.

Gilbert Wong:
  • Cashier Window
  • Security Window

Lai Lau:

  • Main Menu Window
  • Store Window

Ben Chan:

  • Inventory Window
  • Product Window
  Patrick Bergamin:
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Personnel Window
  • Assembling User Manual

Kit Chan:

  • Logging In
  • Change Password
  • Ordering Window

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