Overview of the Proposed Data Stores

Following is a list of the data stores (essentially they will become the tables of the database) and the fields inside each of them. Anything with a star beside it will represent a keyfield, or a part of the keyfield.


This will be one of the main data stores containing all personal information about the customer. The following fields are in the data store:

Employees must be able to search the following databases given any of the criteria marked with a .


This data store will use both room number and day as the keyfield so the rooms will be listed in here more than once possibly but the day will make it unique. To check the availability of the room, this can be derived from the customer information for each entry in here.


This data store will be neccessary in order to determine security access levels in particular, as well what department they are a part of.

Read access to the emplyee database should be restricted to managers.

Room Services

Included in this table food orders, phone bills, and wake up calls will be maintained. A unique order number will be issued for each order placed.


This is where we actually maintain the item information for all foods, movies, GST, room rates etc.


This is the pending invoice information. Due to the fact that we intend to use a relational data base only pending invoices are kept in this table. Otherwise, if a fee was changed in the fees datastore it would change the amounts on paid invoices. Each invoice is issued a unique invoice number. If a customer has more than one room booked he will be issued an invoice for each room.

There should be only one invoice number per person making reservation per room per stay. There may also be several items listed on the invoice.