Interface Screen Previews

This document does not explain how each of these screens work. As a result, they are somewhat hard to follow. While there is quite a bit of technical explaination, we are left unsure of how to use the system. For example, we want to know how to place a room service order. This is not obvious.

This document contains some of the system interface screen shots.

While the Whitestar logo is nice on the opening screen of the system, it is not necessary on each screen.


There doesn't seem to be any way of printing out invoices.

To what date does 'Date' refer?

Check out:

Is the Check-Out screen a display screen or an input screen?

Method of payment should be a pull-down menu.


Credit Card:

Credit card selector list should have a selection named 'Other'.

Date to date:

We assume 'Go!' means generate and print report.


Front desk:

'Card Type' on the screen preview shows 'Credit Card Name' as in the Data Dictionary. This conflicts with the Data Dictionary definitions for these attributes.


Clarify as in reservation sub-system.

Login screen:



Room Service:

How does the room service screen work? Is it a display or an input screen?

There doesn't seem to be a place to enter an employee associated with a room service order.

Room Type: