Accounting Functions

Introduction to Accounting Functionality

The Accouting subsystem provides an useful interface to the accounting staff so that they can efficently do their job. From the main menu Quarterly and Date to Date reports can be displayed and printed. In the Invoices section you can display, print, and modify Invoices. As well, there are functions to Search the invoices given specific criteria.

Overview of Accounting Functions

The following is a brief description of all of the functions available from the main accounting screen. When you click on any of these options, another window will appear. These windows are described below.

Data to Date Report
This function prompts the user for a starting and ending date for the report. It then generate the report the accounting report at this duration.
Quarterly Report
It will generate an accounting report for each three months automatoically
This function allows you to search for a invoice, print the invoice, and modify the invoice.

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Date To Date Report

The Date to Date reporting functionality is used to generate revenue summaries for any number of days. It will display revunue organized around room types, and service types. Please see the report examples elsewhere in the document.

Quarterly Report

The quarterly reporting function is used to generate revenue reports for the requested quarter.

Invoice Screen and Functions

Available Functions:

  1. Search Invoice
  2. Print Invoice
  3. Modify Invoice

The fields of the invoice window are described below for your reference.

Invoice # unique number associated with an invoice
Date date that invoice is
Time time that invoice
Guest IDunique ID number for a specific guest
Last Namecustomer's last name
First Namecustomer's first name
Method of Payment type of payment (ie: Credit Card, cash, cheque)
Food Charge total amount of food charges for customer
Phone Charge total amount of phone charges for customer
Movie Rental total amount of movie rental charges for customer
Misc. Charge miscellaneous charges for customer (ie:broken lamp)
Room Charge cost for that particular room type (ie:single, double, deluxe)
Sub Total sub total of costs without tax
Hotel Tax rate of hotel tax (ie: 15% = 0.15)
GST rate of GST (ie:7% = 0.07)
Total Charge total charge for customer's stay at hotel

This table is good as a quick reference to ensure that the user knows what each field is used for.

Search Invoice

When presented with the invoice dialog, you'll need to search for a particular invoice. This can be done by invoice number, or by the guest ID or name. To search for the invoice, simply complete the following steps:

Print Invoice

Once you have searched for an invoice to work with, you can print the invoice by simply clicking of the print button at the bottom of the screen. This will then display a print dialog where you can select paper type, which printer you want to print on, etc. Simply press Print at this dialog and the system will print the invoice.

Modify Invoice

To modify an invoice that you have searched for, simply edit the information you want to change in the appropriate place in the dialog, and then press the Modify button at the bottom of the screen. The system will report an error if you've tried to change something that either cannot be changed or that you do not have access to change. Otherwise, the invoice was modified as you requested.

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