Room Service

In general, the room service portion of the user manual is well-written and complete.

Introduction to Room Service Functionality

The main room service dialog box allows a user to manage the room service process. Right from the initial ordering of the item through to the final delivery of the item this screen can be used to track or modify an item through the orders entire life cycle. In addition to giving the user the ability to add, modify and delete orders this system allows for searches based on date, and on room number. These two searching features should allow the user compleate flexibility in managing the orders existing in the current database.

Overview of Room Service Functions

Orders function When the guestes take a order, this function will record when the oder is made and when is the delivery time. Also, it will record the coorresponding room number for the quest and reponsible by which employee. You are able to perform the following functions: add an order, delete an order, and modify an order.
Search function Search for information corresponding with the specific room number. The keys for the search function are the room number and date. Return the food orders, movies order and wake up calls for that specific room. You can perform a search on a service order.

Description of Room Service Dialog Objects

Room Number The number of the room in which the guest resides.
Date Order This is the date at which the order was entered. This is automatically filled.
Time Order This is the time at which the order was entered. This is automatically filled.
Date DeliverThe date at which the user requires delivery of the serivce.
Time DeliverThe time at which the user requires delivery of the service.
Item NumberThe name and ID of the service which the customer has requrested.
Number of ItemThe Quantity of an item that the user requested.
CommentsAny additional comments or instructions regarding the order.
Employee IDThe users employee id. This field is filled in automatically.

Item number does not appear on the screen shot- is that what 'Item' is?

Room Service Order Form

Room Service Query

Available funtions:

  1. Add a service order
  2. Delete a service order
  3. Modify a service order
  4. Serach a service order

Add a Service Order:

The add function allows you to add a service order in the database. The service order can only be made one by one. The user can't make more than one service order at a time.If the user want to make two orders, the user has added twice for that.
  1. Simply enter in the following data:
    • Order time
    • Order date
    • Delivery time
    • Delivery date
    • Room Number
    • item number
    • number of item
  2. Then click on the "ADD" button. This wil add to the room service order data base.

Delete a Service Order:

The delete function allows you to delete a service order in the database. For example the guest want to cancel a food order at 8:00am tomorrow morning. Then the user can search the order uses the serach function. Once the service order has been found, the user just hit the Delete buttom; the service order will be deleted from the data base.
  1. Simply following the steps indicated below:
  2. This wil delete a room service order in the room service data base.

Modify a Service Order:

The modify function allow you to modify a service order in the database. Indeed, the modify function can only be used after the search function, because a service order can only be modified once the record exist in the data base. Once, the modification is made just hit the modify button is done.
  1. Simply following the steps indicated below:
  2. Then the modified information will be modified in the room service data base.

Search a Service Order:

The search function allows you to search the database for records matching specific criteria. The search can be done on three different criteria. Simply fill in one (or more) of the fields on the form and click the "Search" button. The system will return all the matching records corresponding to your search criteria.