System Summary

The Nova Hotel Booking System is a well designed information system created specifically to meet the needs of Hotel 451. This powerful system was designed to manage all aspects of the Hotel. Employees can administer a variety of tasks ranging from checking a customer in to producing quarterly revenue summaries for the hotel. There are basically four categories of employees who will use the system:

Every user will have access to only the information and supporting functions pertaining to their daily tasks. Each support function contained in the system will have a certain security access to ensure that employees working for Hotel 451 cannot view or modify information that they do not need to know, for example, the room services staff can not access the accounting functions. When a user logs on to the system, their security level has already been set according to the specifications of the management Hotel 451. When an employee requires a different security level only a manager, who has been assigned the corresponding security level, can make the change.

It is assumed that the users of Nova Hotel Booking System will have varying degrees of computer experience. The Nova Hotel Booking System's interfaces have been designed to allow the system be simple enough for a novice, but will include the functionality that an expert expects. As well, the system should be cost effective to design and to install on site. For these reasons, our group has elected to use Access, running under Windows 95, supported with a TCP/IP network to allow all user to simultaneously access the software. The system will be run from several terminals, placed within Hotel 451 at the management staff's discretion. These terminals will be linked to a main file server giving each terminal access to the full database, while giving the entire system room to expand.