Scenario #1:

Joe comes into the hospital complaining of a stomach ache and wants to make an appointment to see a doctor. He has never been in before and therefore must be added as a new patient. Once he has been added into the database, the secretary schedules an appointment for him that day. During the appointment, the doctor concluded that Joe had appendicitis and would need to schedule an operation. Joe goes back down to the nursing station to schedule an operation.

Add Joe as a new patient:

  1. From the main menu, select Schedule a Patient.
  2. From the Patient Schedule menu, select New Patient.This will bring up the Patient Information screen above.
  3. Enter in all patient information by clicking the mouse in each field or using the TAB key. If you have made a mistake, simply click on the field and retype the information, or select New to start over.
  4. Once the information has been correctly entered in, select Save to add the patient, or Cancel to cancel adding a new patient. This will return to the Patient Schedule menu. Notice that a patient ID has been created for the new patient.

Schedule Joe's appointment:

  1. From the Patient Schedule menu, select Schedule Room.
  2. From the Schedule Room menu, select a ward by clicking with your mouse on the drop down arrow of the Ward field.
  3. Enter the estimated duration of the appointment in the Length of Stay field by clicking on the box and entering the value in minutes.
  4. Select a room by clicking on a room in the Room/Bed Information box, and a bed by clicking on a bed ID in the Bed ID# box.
  5. Select OK to schedule the appointment, or Cancel if you want to cancel the scheduling. Notice the appointment has been entered into the patient schedule on the Patient Schedule menu.

Schedule Joe's operation: