Minimal System Specifications for AGS


Obviously, the full implementation of this system is very hardware dependant. Therefore, it is impractical to set up a full working version at this time. We will, however, be able to create a working simulation. For the March demonstration, we will create a graphical menu interface for the main office system, and simulate all the interaction at the pump by using keyboard and/or mouse input. The two systems (head office, and pump interaction) will operate essentially independantly, communicating through a common database. It would be costly to send calls credit companies and banks during testing, so this will also be simulated in software until the final hardware implementaion is set up. For March, we will demonstrate a system which will include one pump and one station, and an office system which will display the data gathered at this site. This will be expandable to larger system will many pumps per station, and many stations connected to the central database, but we will need to ensure that the format of inputs and outputs is acceptable before we continue with this expansion.


It is important to remember that the screen graphics included in this preliminary document are preliminary guidelines only, and may not exactly like the finished product, although their functionality will be the same. Also, as implementation details will be greatly affected by the hardware, the system demonstrated in March will still need much modification before it can be readied for field use.


Last Updated on 1/20/97
By Carey Dean Bingham