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Batch Reporting Process and Transactions

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Specialized Hardware:

The batch processing component is installed on a dedicated physical platform which has a network connection to both the head office computer system as well a connection to the pumps. This specialized hardware also houses the software for the interactive login component.

Security and Performance Considerations:

Security is handled exclusively by other components of the system. The batch processing subsystem is connected only to other subsystems of AGS and the head office through a direct (cable) connection. The hardware specially designed for this system insures security and prevents any tampering with the system.

Performance issues break down into two main categories:

Crash-protection: It is essential that this system not crash during its operation. This is accomplished in large part by carefully designed hardware. At the software level, the batch-report system is the most critical portion of the system. If this system breaks down it will be impossible to preserve a record of activities by the system. Therefore any critical problem as far as is possible will immediately generate an emergency call to the head office. Also, a backup of all data is made on a regular basis to allow the system to be brought back up gracefully if it should fail.

Speed: Clearly a customer should not wait for more than a few seconds for his transaction to take place. Once a transaction is processed, the pump sends the data for the transaction to the batch processing system where it is integrated into the system with the existing data. This process is virtually instantaneous. Even if a large number of gas stations send transaction data at the same time, the system should not take more than a few seconds to respond.

Functions of the Batch Subsystem:

The system requirements addressed by the batch subsystem component are as follows:


The following information will be received by the batch processing subsystem from both the head office and other subsystems:

Transaction data from each of the pumps associated with the system.

Requests for reports from interactive login subsystem.

Request for report-generation scheduling changes from interactive login subsystem.


The following information is reported on by the batch processing subsystem.

Batch output of reports to central office system.

Output of reports to interactive login subsystem (per request).

Reports and Actions:


The batch reports sent to the head office will contain the following information for each transaction processed by the gas station:

Transaction report and Backup of Data:

Time period covered by report: From dd/mm/yyyy at hour/minute To dd/mm/yyyy at hour/minute

ID of Pump from which gas was pumped

Type of gas (obtained from list)

Quantity of gas (in litres)

Price/litre charged for transaction

Tax percentage charged per transaction

Total tax amount charged for the transaction

Date and time of purchase dd/mm/yyyy at hour/minute

Customer's first and last name

Credit card type and account number


Delivery Report:

This report will contain information about the deliveries of gas made to the station.

Date and time of delivery

ID/Name of delivery person

Type of gas delivered

ID of tank gas was delivered to

Number of litres in tank before delivery

Number of litres added to tank

Number of litres in tank after delivery



Current Operation Statistics Report:

This report covers the state of the gas station at the time the report is generated.

Current prices for each type of gas

Current tax rate

Quantity of gas currently in each tank


Credit Card Status Report:

Status: lost/stolen

Action taken: -- card kept/card returned -- credit card company system informed**

Name of Customer

Credit card number

Authors : WERBICKI, Paul; LEVIN, Vldimir

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Last Updated on 1/20/97
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