The Past of the Information Highway

History and Definition

If you are wondering what information highway is all about, just think about the Internet, which you should be familiar with. The Internet is where the information highway started. Believe it or not, the Internet began as an experiment to test the possibility of creating a disaster-proof national computer system (in the US) where scientists and military personnel could share messages and data no matter where they are. Then, it became to served the research and academic communities. And lately, business people have been traversing the web. No matter who are using the information highway, they have at least one thing in common, that is: They search among the millions of pages of electronic data for the few bits that they want or need.

And now, when we talk about the Internet, it has the following definition:
So, the Internet, along with the other commercial online services, make up today's information highway. To talk about Information Superhighway, here is a definition:
So, if you want a taste of tomorrow's information highway, warm up your modem, pickup an online service, and hop aboard.

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Updated April 6, 1995