CPSC547 Project Electronic Typography Page

Electronic Typography

Typography is the art of arranging type, letters, and space to effective communicate information. You may ask why we should refer to it as an art instead of a process. Essentially, many people would agree that good typography is not a skill that can be learned through repetition and training. In the area of typography, we are concerned with the use and design of fonts as well as the arrangement of the page (page markup).

Computer technology has made a large library of high quality fonts available to the computer user. They range from traditional styles such as Times Roman and Helvetica to playful fonts such as Brush Script. In addition, there are numerous font utility programs to let the user customize an existing font or to even design a new font. Although the large variety of fonts has give us more freedom in designing electronic documents, it has brought about fontitis--the overzealous of fonts by the casual user. Desktop publishing applications are now available and can control the entire publishing process from idea creation to page markup and colour separation. Many new word processing applications also include basic desktop publishing features.


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