Tasks to be Solved

Computer graphics is a vast and expanding field of research. There are many techniques for producing visually stunning and realistic computer graphics. Some methods include: ray tracing, radiosity, texture mapping, and fractals. However, our focus will be on creating graphics for use on the World Wide Web. For this job, we are looking for a graphics paint program, with a graphical user interface, that is easy to use and will allow us to create nice graphics quickly for our clients. We may use more advanced tools in the future, but we require a good package to begin with. It must be flexible, easy to use, support many graphics formats, and allow us to manipulate already made images.

Paint programs in general are used by anyone that wants to create images or manipulate already made images. They can be used by children like a piece of paper and a crayon, or by a photographer to edit photos, or by a games developer to draw screens. In our case, we will be creating all kinds of graphics for the web like backgrounds, buttons, image maps, company logos, and other specialized graphics depending on the client. Our office will exist on the World Wide Web, and clients will be able to visit our office with their web browser. All business communications and transactions will be done over the Internet. Our physical office will contain just the two of us (Brent Adam and Simon Yung) and our computer tools.

This is what we need in a graphics paint program for:

We will no doubt find new uses as we progress and gain experience, but this will give us a start.