CPSC 547 - Project 2

E-mail Management Programs

Jason Cornick and Stephen Leung


We at J&S Consulting have been requested to analyze three different e-mail programs and recommend one to our client, Dimian Systems. We have selected Atis Mail for Windows, ELM for Unix, and Netscape for X. There are a variety of tasks that we have assessed each program with. These tests included: simple mail messages, mail with binary attachments, creation and use of aliases, saving messages to folders and changing folders, forwarding and replying to incoming mail and saving messages. All three programs were capable of all of these tasks to some degree, although some were much easier to use than others. In the end, we have concluded that of the three, Atis Mail is the most effective, and most useful mail program of the three.

Executive Summary

Description of Mail Programs and Features

Testing Methods

Test Results

Contrast and Comparison of Results


Last Modified February 21, 1996