AppWare is a development environment based on a flow-chart formalism to graphically construct stand alone applications using pre-built software components.

What is AppWare?

If you're a corporate or commercial software developer, AppWare is the rapid application development tool you need. AppWare is a fifth-generation-language (5GL) tool that enables you to graphically construct stand alone applications using prebuilt software components. AppWare gives applications the sophisticated features demanded by today's users. You can easily build applications with database access, communications, multimedia capabilities and an easy-to-use GUI. There are no runtime fees or royalties for the applications you create.

AppWare can help you to get Up to Speed Quickly

AppWare applications are "programmed" by graphically linking functions together, as in a flow chart. Just visually select and arrange the prebuilt software components which are called AppWare Loadable Modules (ALMs). ALMs contain all the code you would normally write yourself, and they can be reused in other applications. ALMs can range from client-server connections and multimedia engines to access to NetWare operating systems services such as NetWare Directory Services. AppWare is available on MS Windows and Macintosh platforms. Applications you create can be ported from one platform to the other as long as the ALMs which are used are available for both platforms.

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