Project 3 - Web Grid


This report contains three grids created in the application Web Grid. The first grid, on different cars, was used to get used to the interface. The second grid was used to have a grid created (on 547 presentation topics) and compare it to a grid created by Brian Gaines. Lastly, a grid was created on the topic of Wide Area Broadband Networks. This included some of the possible applications of a Broadband Network.


Description of the grid

Comment on initial impressions

Problems Encountered

Link to grid

Elicitation of constructs on CPSC547 topics

How I developed my own constructs

Description of the grid

Compare the grids

Link to grid

Elicitation of constructs on your presentation topic

Description of the grid

Analysis of the grid - Focus, PrinCom

Link to grid


Project Completed by: Kent Jarvie - E-mail:

Last updated: Marh 25, 1996