Executive Summary

This document is designed to provide the background information of the office's operating system and evaluate three existing products in the market: Microsoft's Windows 95, OS/2 Warp and Linux.

An operating system is a resource allocator, a program controller, a tool to make a programmer's job easy and to facilitate efficient operation of computer systems.

As you compare the above operating system products, you should consider the following criteria:

Summary of all common features for Windows 95, OS/2 Warp and Linux operating systems are: they are all 32-bit or partially 32-bit multitasking operating system, they provide or are capable in providing graphical user interface (GUI), a local reboot capability, a well-integrated networking, a structured systems management, a virtual memory technique, and a high- performance multimedia service.

In term of which operating system you should choose, it all depends on what you want to do and who are your users.

February 20, 1996

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