Electronic Publishing : Introduction

Electronic Publishing


To understand what it means to engage in electronic publishing, one must breakdown the publishing aspect. Publishing goes thru 3 stages, publish, publisher, and finally publishing. Publish means to issue, for sale or distribution, to the public printed, reproduced textual, or graphical material. But, in order to publish one needs a publisher. A publisher is simply a person or company who publishes books, periodicals, or the like. So finally, publishing is the business or activity of a publisher.

By adding the word electronic in front, it does not change the meaning of publishing, but the publisher does it electronically and with no paper involved.

There are various forms of electronic publications, ranging from books, newspapers, to magazines and how to manuals. With escalating paper and publishing costs, magazine publishers and the academic community are now turning to electronic publishing as a way to reduce cost. On the other hand, copyright issues is limiting the amount of articles that newspapers are putting forth electronically.

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