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Cooperation for Distributed Diagnostic Expert Systems


Work made on cooperation to date has been divided into two different approaches, direct communication and assisted coordination in (M.R.Genesereth and S.P.Ketchpcl ,94). The former includes the contract-net approach (R.G.Smith ,80) and specification sharing(SS), which are proper in small scale cooperation. The latter includes a facilitator and a mediator(M.R.Genesereth ,92), which are better in large scale cooperation. Due to the facts that we are considering only cooperation between two diagnostic expert systems and that it is easy to use our modeling of expert systems, we adopt an SS-based approach to interoperate expert systems. The shared specification comes from a common task ontology (IPST) and a common domain ontology. Although one expert system (originator) can get the information about capabilities of the other expert system (recipient) through the shared specification, it is important to identify the information available to improve the originator. A method to find out the the difference arising in the context of the correspondence between inference primitive of an originator and those of a recipient is presented here as follows:

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