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Communication between Diagnostic Expert Systems


M.R.Genesereth and S.P.Ketchpcl call a wrapper the module that is injected into a program to allow it to communicate. In taking into account communication between two expert systems, this paper calls a wrapper the module to convert one message from one expert system into another message that can be processed in the other expert system. In order to design such a wrapper between two expert systems, the method to send and receive both queries and replies must be specified. The conversion facilities work only in receiving messages at wrappers. Because the sender does not care for the receiver, messages are sent without conversion.

Suppose that an originator finds itself falling into an impasse, and that the originator sends a query to a recipient. In sending a query from the originator and getting it into the recipient, the query is specified only by the model described by IPST from the originator. On the other hand, in sending a reply made by the recipient and getting the reply back into the originator, the reply is converted so that the originator can use it and change its own model for a better performance. Because a common domain ontology has manually been built so that it is easy to make correspondence between concepts from two different domains (artifact and enterprise), concepts from the recipient have been easily converted into ones from the originator, so the conversion results can be useful to modify the model of the originator's inference engine.

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