Re: DISAGREE: Proposal: INPUT TYPE=FILE in HTML 2.0 (Chung Jen Ho)
Date: Thu, 23 Jun 94 16:05:12 EDT
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From: (Chung Jen Ho)
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Subject: Re: DISAGREE: Proposal: INPUT TYPE=FILE in HTML 2.0
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Tim Berners-Lee writes:
>Oh dear.  Plaese don't let our view of HTML be totally driven by the
>current look of Mosaic.
>Don't confuse the mechanics of how the data gets
>in there with the specification of what the field can accept.
>Personally, I want to be able to drop an icon into a field.
>It could represent a URI or the content of an object. I don't want
>to worry about whether it is a local file or not in the latter case.

I am not totally driven by the current look of Mosaic.
The capability of drag-and-drop objects is platform dependent.
We hope to see the file transfer feature in WWW is platform independent.
In other words, we hope the file transfer capability is guaranteed,
although browsers are platform dependent.

Though TEXTAREA provides a kind of file transfer capability, clients need
to find some other utilities to do MIME-encoding of files if their browsers
do not provide a proper UI. 
I think it is proper to be a HTML issue instead of a browser's issue.

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