Re: New Highlighting.html

Murray Maloney <>
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 94 15:43:51 EDT
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From: Murray Maloney <>
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Subject: Re: New Highlighting.html
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For HTML 2.0, I have to agree with Dan that <NEW> is 
not in practice today and cannot, therefore, be
included in the spec.

However, for 3.0 and beyond, I think that there
should be a mechanism for denoting changes
to a document, perhaps even with effectivity dates
attached so that a clever browser or server could 
present a document
	- as it is today
	- as it was on a specified date
	- with all additions and deletions present.

I don't think that <STRIKE> is the appropriate tag
to use to denote the "delete" semantic, as I beleive
that <STRIKE> is a typographic effect rather than
anything else.  While it is true that <STRIKE> could
be associated with "delete", <STRIKE> could also be
associated with other semantics.

> Regarding New:  Most typeset documents that I've seen use Bold as New. Rather
> than adding another element, is it possible to define New as another name for
> some predefined  format?