HTML BOF is Tuesday

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Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 04:12:41 EDT
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Subject: HTML BOF is Tuesday
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.assuming that that slot is free. Erik obviously felt there
were other clashes which I had missed.

John Klensin felt that the relationship IETF - SGML Open
needed more clarification before one could glibly suggest the
group having two hats.

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For me asking for a BOF slot this late. Blame Tim for asking me so late.
Please give Tim a slot on tuesday evening 1930-2200. There's really no other
one that does not create a conflict.

(John and Joyce, sorry to go ahead on this without consulting you, but the
time is too short, I'll take the blame)

Megan can you please also send the description to the ietf-announce list?

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Date:    Fri, 08 Jul 1994 15:07:56 +0200
From:    Tim Berners-Lee <>
Subject: HTML BOF


Here is a description. It is not full of sales talk as it
is not a tutorial session ;-)


"The HTML BOF will pick up work of a previous informal HTML
Implementor's Group and propose that the group be construed as an
IETF working group in the future.  Current work is toward
completing technical precision in the of HTML level 2
as a descriptive specification of existing practice in W3.
A familiarity with the HTML level 2 specification and
existing practice on the web from a software implementor's
point of view are an prerequisites to participation.
Background materials in the BOF and future WG are listed in
<> and
The BOF chair will be Tim Berners-Lee/CERN. The current
working documents are edited by Dan Connolly/Hal.
It has been suggested that this group be also known
as an SGML Open technical committee."


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