Re: Reviewers List for HTML Specification

Murray Maloney <>
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 94 15:47:30 EDT
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From: Murray Maloney <>
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Subject: Re: Reviewers List for HTML Specification
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Murray Maloney, Technical Publications Architect, SCO Canada,

I would think that name and email address would suffice.
Company/organization might be warranted, since they pay for our time.
Titles are the least important.

> I would like to include a list of contributors/reviewers
> in the acknowledgements section of the HTML Specification.
> That list would likely include most of the people participating
> in this information group.
> For those of who would like to be included, please send me your
> names, title/company name and email addresses.  Also, since the format of
> the reviewer's list hasn't been finalized, please indicate the
> level of information (i.e, name only, name and title, name and
> email address) that you feel would be appropriate for this document.
> If possible, I would like to have this information incorporated into
> the specification by the end of this week.  It would be great to get
> your responses by July 14th.
> Thanks!
> Karen