Re[2]: HTML2 spec (mostly typos) (Karen Muldrow)
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 94 15:42:40 EDT
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From: (Karen Muldrow)
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Subject: Re[2]: HTML2 spec (mostly typos)
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Jim Davis wrote:

> >7) Re titles.  I don't agree that titles longer than 64 characters
> >should be considered "inappropriate".  It may well be that some
> >browsers will be forced to truncate them, on the other hand those
> >longer titles may prove quite useful to programs indexing the Web.  In
> >general, why should the specification say anything about "appropriate
> >use" of titles?  You don't tell people about appropriate graphic
> >design, so why even mention length of titles?
Dan responded:

> Because we want to tell them what will "work" and what won't. If
> you put a great big long title on your doc, it will likely get
> truncated without notice on some browsers. Authors need to know
> that.

I see Jim's point - "appropriate" and "inappropriate" are
judgemental words. We can tell people what happens if they use
titles longer than 64 characters without imposing our "style".
I'll see if I can make make this more reader-friendly.