HTML Specifications Clarification on TYPE=IMAGE (Lyn Kennedy)
Date: Tue, 9 Aug 94 16:48:21 EDT
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From: (Lyn Kennedy)
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Subject: HTML Specifications Clarification on TYPE=IMAGE
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I have the HTML document dated June 13, 1994 in which the HTML 
specifications are detailed. We are currently using an INPUT element
of TYPE, where the TYPE attribute is set to IMAGE. This works 
in the latest version of X Mosaic, but does not work in the latest
Windows Mosaic version (which is in alpha right now).

Upon re-reading the HTML document mentioned above, we noticed that
in section 5.25.6, the INPUT section, it refers to SRC and ALIGN
attributes that work with TYPE=IMAGEMAP. Then, in the details for
TYPE, it mentions IMAGE, but not IMAGEMAP. 

We also noticed that another document referred to TYPE=IMAGE as 
being obsolete. We could not imagine an attribute being obsolete without
having a new/better attribute to take its place. So, we thought that 
TYPE=IMAGEMAP might be that answer. 

Could you help clear up our confusion? We have a new application, based 
on Mosaic, that needs to be supported in both X and Windows environments
and we use IMAGE quite heavily. Any help is GREATLY appreciated!!!