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Subject: Re: Where are Fonts and Phrases allowed? [Was: HTML 2.0 Call for 
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In message <>, Corprew Reed writes:
>p.s.  Should I have sent this to Dan instead of the list?

No. No no no no. You're not the first to think of that, but I wouldn't
mind if you were the last.

I am in some ways "Czar of the HTML 2.0 document," but in as few ways
as possible. I only act imperialistically when I deem that it is
necessary in order to get this thing published.

I'm an _editor_ of this thing. We're all authors. If you have an idea,
you don't whisper it in my ear and hope I'll represent it to the
community; you have to sell it yourself.

I wish we could let everybody in on the debate, but it's not
practical.  So I (we) have chosen this group of folks to come up with
the spec. We hash around the gritty details, and when we reach
consensus (or when I get tired of the debate :-) we write it down, and
we move on. Periodically, I will try to gather all the writings and
release them.  I had hoped to do this weekly, but it doesn't look like
I'll get a release out today.