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Date: Sun, 12 Jun 94 23:52:17 EDT
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Hi.  I was added to the list recently, and Dan asked me to send a
letter describing my credentials to the list.  

I apologize in advance if this is wordy, sounds like a c.v.
or if I have included unneeded things.  Contact me if you want 
more information about anything.

In no particular order, here we go:

* I have read html-talk,uri and other mailing lists since the start.  
	I read the 3 c.i.www.* groups every day.
* I am currently working on a project to integrate many projects
	relating to the Human Genome project with a distributed
	Web service using a modified wais server, my own database
	system based on indexed meta tags, imagemaps, and extensive
	use of forms.  Initially, it will have two web servers.
	These servers will have roughly 400 - 600 megabytes of
	HTML and related data on them when they go public.  The
	program that uses it to serve HTML, Genome Topographer,
	(, uses remote controlled Mosaic
	(and other browsers) to view help and documentation
* I have written an HTML complaint browser for internal use.  It
	would be a level 1 browser (using alt for img's).
* I am currently working on an object oriented HTTPd for use in
	one of my projects.  (I am implementing it in SmallTalk.)
* I administer a server for Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press
	and the meetings office at CSHL.  (
* I am writing an enhanced email program for the Web.  This is
	currently in beta test stage.  This program uses forms
	for input, and allows formatted output through simple
	document specifications.  (I'm using the same syntax
	as ncsa httpd for including things.)
* I'm also making extensive use of another program that I wrote
	that translates arguments for GDI-scripts according
	to dictionaries.  It is currently called Metaform.
	It translates "meta" entries into expanded versions.
	This is mainly in use in my large web server, because
	the links would be unacceptably long otherwise.
* I consult in the NY area on WWW stuff.  I run into issues
	that go back to the DTD (or lack thereof) used by
	the writers of various brosers occasionally.  This
	is a special problem for me because I deal in the production
	of HTML from large databases, and I can't always anticipate
	the format of the data due to the various forms of the
	databases.  (OO, Sybase.)

I'm also doing some little things like writing caching and ram-only 
servers for special purposes.


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