Presentation at Conference (Yuri Rubinsky)
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 94 12:52:15 EDT
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From: (Yuri Rubinsky)
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Subject: Presentation at Conference
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The conference organizers hope to have a formal presentation on the work
of this group at the Web Conference. Since it seems that neither Dan nor
Dave R will be there, I'd like to ask for volunteers, perhaps two, to be
a small swat team and step through what's there, what's not, and, most
importantly, what the overall picture is, the levels, 3.0, etc.

Do we have any volunteers? We could aim for 30 minutes or 45 minutes
with questions after.

I notice that Murray writes:

> See you in Geneva.

so I guess that leaves him out as a potential volunteer;-)

This is an odd forum in which to have to ask a group to self-select
spokespeople, but any two who feel comfortable with the material and
the context, pls step forward quickly. We're hoping the program will
be finalised later today.