Re: HTML 3.0 standardization (Eric W. Sink)
Date: Wed, 7 Sep 94 13:38:40 EDT
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From: (Eric W. Sink)
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Subject: Re: HTML 3.0 standardization
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>I was thinking of calling it an HTML+ browser that allows us to
>test out proposed extensions to HTML before we commit ourselves.
>It seems important to solicit widespread input on potential new
>features. A consensus draft spec for Spring '95 gives us several
>months for the group discussion.
>How would you like to position such as demonstration?

The stance you're taking is fine with me.  I just wanted to
clarify the process and status.

[ Dave Raggett's accent ON]

"Greetings and thank you for coming to this demonstration.  What
I'll be demo-ing today is a testbed browser that the HTML WG
is using to guide its discussions regarding future standards
for HTML.  It's important to the group that every language feature
in the standard be implementable in a reasonable fashion.  This
browser helps us have 'proof of concept', as well as offering me
the opportunity to give you all a sneak preview of what is to
come.  I'd like to thank [ the folks at CERN and whoever else ] for
their help in getting this browser going.  Now if someone will
dim the lights, we'll focus our attention on the scr- HEY!
What happened to the video signal from the workstation?  I know
for a fact it was working earlier, and..."

[ Dave Raggett's accent OFF]


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