Re: New Topic: HTML and the Visually Impaired [long]

"Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Thu, 8 Sep 94 15:38:44 EDT
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Subject: Re: New Topic: HTML and the Visually Impaired [long] 
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I forgot the most salient technical point:

In message <>, "Daniel W. Connolly" writes:
>One way to do this is to say "As of Jan 1, 1995, HTML includes all
>the ICADD tags." Browser implementors scurry around between now and
>then, and HTML includes ICADD.

Given this scenario, imagine January 2:

10,000 ICADD documents hit the web, under the guise of HTML 2.1 or 
some such.

A zillion old browser still exist.

A zillion users see garbage because the servers are sending these
new ICADDD HTML documents to old browsers.

So in fact, there will have to be some format negociation distinction
between HTML-with-ICADD and HTML-without-ICADD.

So we see that browsers must announce support for the ICADD tags.
The only question is whether they say:

	Accept: text/html; level=2.5


	Accetp: text/html, text/icadd

I suggest the latter.