Re: ICADD elements in HTML (Yuri Rubinsky)
Date: Sun, 11 Sep 94 20:04:50 EDT
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From: (Yuri Rubinsky)
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Subject: Re: ICADD elements in HTML
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Jeff: Your recent posting has made me wonder whether you saw the first
posting about there being a need for two approaches: The one you describe,
which gets us  anyDTD -> ICADD markup, works to go, of course, from HTML -> 
ICADD, since HTML simply has more tagnames than ICADD. 

But I'm concerned about the other direction too. And that's to deal with
the simpler case where you have an ICADD file, are using it to generate
Braille or whatever, but want also to make that file (with its added 
capabilites such as source page number) available to a blind WWW borwser

I agree with you that:
> An SDA/ICADD application on the other hand will have a
life span == SGML.

But as long as there are free WWW browsers, I'd like for print-disabled
people to have access to them. Most hardware and software for these people
is very very expensive. There are techinques for making software work 
readily, for example, with screen-reading voice software; in fact I 
believe that ASCII WWW browsers probably will "automatically" work with
such software. For me having any ICADD file be readable by any WWW browser
means that half the work is done: The other half is ensuring that those
browsers work well with screen-readers.

As you indicate, there will *still* need to be SDA attributes in HTML so
any HTML file can go to Braille devices.