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Dave Raggett <>
Date: Tue, 20 Sep 94 05:13:59 EDT
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Subject: Re: LI attributes
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> I just noticed that LI doesn't have any attributes.

> One of the frequently asked questions on netnews is where to get the little
> coloured spheres people use at list bullets... and put in the attributes
> to LI:

>         icon     %URL;  #IMPLIED -- image for use in place of bullet --
>         label   CDATA   #IMPLIED -- when you can't show the icon image --

This extension is part of HTML+ and was discussed at the meeting held
in Cork/Ireland last November. It will be put forward as part of the
initial draft proposal for HTML 3.0 (to appear this November).

In addition you will be able to use the same attributes with UL to set
the default bullet image/symbol for a given list. Note that the LABEL
attribute allows you to specify an entity name for standard icon. These
were proposed by Bert Boz quite a while back now. See the HTML+ DTD
for details:

BTW I don't think we should put these into HTML 2.0 at this late stage,
unless you can show that nearly all browsers support them.
Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

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