A's content model

Terry Allen <terry@ora.com>
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 94 19:38:14 EDT
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Subject: A's content model
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I've just been writing a piece in HTML and had trouble with
anchors using Dan's 3 DTDs (or my 3in1.dtd derived from them).
The content model for A assumes content
and will not allow an omitted end tag (from html0.dtd).

<!ENTITY % A.content   "(%heading|%block|%text)+">
<!ELEMENT A     - - %A.content -(A)>

However, the only way an A works properly as a target in Mosaic
is if it is empty (has no end tag).  The example given in the doc
(Elements/A.html) is correct in this respect:


(However, as NAME will eventually become an ID, the value of NAME
given here, starting with a number, will become dysfunctional,
because IDs must begin with a letter; how about knocking that 4 off 
the start of it and any others of the sort?)

So the content model should be changed to:

<!ELEMENT A     - O %A.content -(A)>

(that's a capital O, not a zero)

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