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Terry Allen <>
Date: Thu, 22 Sep 94 16:03:23 EDT
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>> With regard to the spec, does it matter? 11 is one of the "UNUSED"
> characters. The behaviour of a browser when encountering such
> a character is not specified, correct?
> Should we call them "SHUNNED", "UNUSED", "UNDEFINED",
> or is some other term appropriate?

I would have thought SHUNNED was appropriate.
Perhaps Terry, Lee or Yuri could help here.

[thus Murray]

I'd go for SHUNNED, with a gloss explaining that SHUNNED means
that they should not occur in input; and I agree that the behavior
of the browser isn't specified if one of these slips through.

But if they do occur, they don't cause sgmls to complain. E.g.,

<h1>A Simple H1</h1>
produces in ESIS

-A Simple H1
which is kinda interesting.


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