HTML DTDs, 2 minor bugs

Terry Allen <>
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 94 19:22:25 EDT
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From: Terry Allen <>
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Subject: HTML DTDs, 2 minor bugs
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Two bugs turned up in further testing.

Under "Document Body" there's a slight error.  Presently it's

<![ %HTML.Recommended [
        <!ENTITY % body.content "(%heading|%block|HR|ADDRESS)*">
        -- <h1>Heading</h1>
           <p>Text ...
                is preferred to
           Text ...

but the comment doesn't begin properly.  To use the style of
the rest of the DTD, eliminate the > on the line that starts
with ENTITY:

<!ENTITY % body.content "(%heading|%block|HR|ADDRESS)*"

The definitions of DIR and MENU, which are not Recommended,
incorrectly exclude %block;, which has the effect of excluding
nested lists:

<!ELEMENT (OL|UL) - -  (LI)+>
<!ELEMENT (DIR|MENU) - -  (LI)+ -(%block)>

Yet the following works just fine with either DIR or MENU:

<p>This is a demo 
<p>Here's the content of this demo
<MENU compact>
<li><a href="#seyb">SGML</a>
<li><a href="#seyb">SGML at Seybold San Francisco</a>
<li><a href="#sfaq">SGML FAQ</a>
<li><a href="#dmarc">MARC</a>

Any reason this shouldn't be allowed?

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