HTML empty A (was marked sections)

Terry Allen <>
Date: Mon, 26 Sep 94 10:41:48 EDT
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Subject: HTML empty A (was marked sections)
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>| >It's just too useful to want to give up for those reasons.
| This is argument by assertion. Could you give some evidence?

Yes, I gave it in that example, and in my earlier prose description:
I want to be able to wrap up segments of a document so that wherever
you click you go somewhere, and I want to do the wrapping economically.

I was wrong to say that using IDs wouldn't work; it would if all elements
had IDs, there was no free text, and one used IDREFS to point to the

But this is another matter.  The thing works fine right now; let's
leave it that way (and discuss the matter in detail in Chicago; I
feel I've written enough on it here).


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