HTML-WG and December IETF meeting?

Dave Raggett <>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 94 12:48:06 EDT
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From: Dave Raggett <>
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Subject: HTML-WG and December IETF meeting?
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Has anybody booked a slot for the HTML working group at the San Jose
meeting of the IETF, this December? I have just booked a slot for the
new HTTP working group for Tuesday December 6: 1330-1530, but couldn't
find the HTML session. It would a good idea to ensure that the HTML
and HTTP sessions don't clash. Who is responsible for booking the
HTML session?
Best wishes,

Dave Raggett

p.s. info on the IETF meetings is available from:
 <> Click on the link
 for "meetings" and you should find an entry for the San Jose meeting.

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