Re: Meetings at Web Conference in October

Murray Maloney <murray@sco.COM>
Date: Wed, 28 Sep 94 15:03:03 EDT
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Subject: Re: Meetings at Web Conference in October
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Thursday evening works for me.
I had planned to take in a Black Hawks game,
but that doesn't look too promising anymore.

I arrive on Monday at about 5pm.
I am happy to meet early Monday evening
or later -- after the reception --
but I suspect that most people will
be pretty bagged out from travel.

I could change my arrival to Monday morning
if that helped at all.

Tuesday morning from 8 until 10:15 looks
the best bet during the conference.

I am flying back to Toronto on Friday morning.
I could extend my stay until Friday afternoon
if that helped at all.


> Is Thursday evening a possibility? (I know, this is selfish, but I'm
> staying thru the weekend.)