Re: [ &cx; in HTML+ ?] (Daniel LaLiberte)
Date: Fri, 7 Oct 94 13:09:02 EDT
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From: (Daniel LaLiberte)
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Subject: Re:  [ &cx; in HTML+ ?]
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	From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>

	Languages and character sets are a topic of discussion in the HTML
	Working group of the IETF. [...]

	I should collect my thoughts on this topic, along with references
	to all the available materials (papers, projects, etc.). Or
	perhaps someone else would create a summary... perhaps a hypernews
	page, Mr. LaLiberte?

Hi.  You (or someone else) should collect your thoughts.  I don't have
the required extensive knowledge of HTML and its planned future. 

BTW, that I have collected a number of resources in hypernews pages is
mostly independent of the fact that you can add responses to those
pages.  The intent of hypernews is that everyone can contribute, such
as is happening on the BOF page.  If you or anyone wants to be the
owner of a hypernews page about any topic, I can accommodate you.