FORM content in DTD (Stan Newton)
Date: Thu, 13 Oct 94 08:14:52 EDT
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From: (Stan Newton)
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Subject: FORM content in DTD
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I have reviewed the The HTML.DTD dated Sep 26 and it looks pretty clean. I 
found one definition which I believe needs revision. The DTD defines FORM 
content as follows:


I don't believe this works when the Recommended switch is ON.
In that case, the %body.content definition becomes

<!ENTITY % body.content "(%heading|%block|HR|ADDRESS)*"

which excludes %text.

As I understand it, %text is always required inside the FORM tag because 
only the FORM tag allows INPUT, SELECT and TEXTAREA tags.

If I'm correct about this, I would suggest defining a %form.content group 
which always matches the %body.content group definition when Recommended is 
OFF, namely

<!ENTITY % body.content "(%heading|%text|%block|HR|ADDRESS)*"

Stan Newton
Newton Computing Solutions