Re: Agree: empty P, container PP [Was: Hot Metal and HTML ]

"Daniel W. Connolly" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 13:33:25 EDT
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From: "Daniel W. Connolly" <>
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Subject: Re: Agree: empty P, container PP [Was: Hot Metal and HTML ] 
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In message <9406151304.aa09742@dali.scocan.sco.COM>, Murray Maloney writes:
>Second, I'd like to respond to the assertion that
>"the SGML tag implication algorithm is not strong enough"
>to deduce opening tags.  That's not quite accurate.
>In fact, I have been toying with this all morning
>and through my lunch hour.

>Also, %flow; would have to be modified so that instead
>of allowing (%text | %block ), it would allow ( P, (%block)*)

Short version: Been there. Done that. No workie.

Long version:

It conflicts with several of my test cases.  The trivial example is
something like:


At first you might think that this is equivalent to:


But you can't omit start tags of empty elements:

>From ISO 8879-1986, Start-tag Omission:

	The start-tag can be omitted if the element is a contextually
	required element and if any other elements that could occur
	are contextually optional elements, except if:

	a) the element type has a required attribute or declared content, or
	b) the content of the instance of the element is empty