Errors in new HTML 2.0 spec related to FORMs

Paul Burchard <>
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 94 15:55:33 EDT
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From: Paul Burchard <>
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Subject: Errors in new HTML 2.0 spec related to FORMs 
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There are some problems in the new (10/14/94) HTML 2.0 spec draft  
related to FORMs.  Most of them are carryovers from the HAL draft.  I  
would appreciate their being corrected as soon as possible.

In HTMLSPEC_3.html ("Overview"), the example FORM has some logical  
and syntactic glitches:

> <FORM METHOD="post" action="">

As far as I know, method names are case-sensitive, and thus "POST"  
must be capitalized.

> <P>Your name: <INPUT NAME="name" SIZE="48">
> <P>Male <INPUT NAME="male" TYPE=RADIO>
> <P>Female <INPUT NAME="female" TYPE=radio>

That ought to be NAME="gender" (or the like) in the radio  
inputs...unless you really want to allow the user to select any  
combination of genders!

> </FORM>

In HTMLSPEC_19.html ("Forms"), the example FORM has many problems.   
It clearly has not been run through Dan Connolly's validation  
service. :-)

> <TITLE>Sample Questionaire</TITLE>
> <H1>Sample Questionaire</H1>
> Please fill out this questionaire:

That should be "questionnaire" (two n's) in all 3 cases.

> <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="">

Again, need "POST" capitalized.

> <P>Your name: <input name="name" size="48">
> <P>Male <input name="male" type=radio>
> <P>Female <input name="female" type=radio>

Same problem as above; use name="gender" for these.

> Number in family: <input name="family" type=int>

There is no INPUT of type INT in HTML Level 2.  This part of the  
example is *still* in there from Dave Raggett's year-old HTML+ spec,  
despite many attempts on my part to eradicate it. :-)

> <P>Cities in which you maintain a residence:
> <UL>
> <LI>Kent <input name="city" type=checkbox value="kent">
> <LI>Miami <input name="city" type=checkbox value="miami">
> <LI>Other <textarea name="other" cols=48 rows=4></textarea>
> </UL>
> Nickname: <INPUT NAME="nickname" size ="42">
> <P>Thank you for responding to this questionaire.

Again, "questionnaire".


There is no ALIGN attribute for the P element in HTML Level 2.   
(Another unkillable fragment from the old HTML+ spec. :-)

> </FORM>

In the same file, the discussion of INPUTs of type CHECKBOX states:

> The default VALUE for checkboxes is ON.

Actually, that should be "on", not "ON".  You may want to surround it  
with quotes, or enclose it in <SAMP></SAMP> -- rather than using  
capitalization -- to prevent it from being misunderstood.

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