Re: Proposal: Document use of control characters

Corprew Reed <>
Date: Thu, 16 Jun 94 17:12:36 EDT
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From: Corprew Reed <>
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Subject: Re: Proposal: Document use of control characters
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@ Hmmm... about CR and LF in PRE... what about Mac generated documents
@ taht only use CR vs. unix that only uses LF vs. DOS that uses CRLF?
@ The above definition works for unix and DOS, but not Mac. Is that
@ OK for everybody?

MacHTTP, the only HTTP server that runs on the Mac[*], is probably going
to switch over to converting \r's and \r\n's to \n's.  It previously
converted \r's and \n's to \r\n's.  It should therefore make
mac-served documents compliant with this scheme.  The author of
MacHTTP sent a message to machttp_talk today stating current and
possible future policy.

The Mac broswers seem to go with 1 new line per \n or \r.

[*] That I am aware of, of course.

p.s.  sorry about the Cishness of the letter -- long day.

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